Swing Arm Lampshades and Candlestick Lampshades

Are you looking for the perfect lamp shade for your swing arm wall light or candlestick lamp? Shades of Light makes it so easy. Here is a collection of 7”- 12” lamp shades that are just the right size for these important light fixtures. Perhaps your swing arm wall light need to be refreshed up a bit, or maybe you a looking for a dramatic update? You are in the right place because our lamp shade assortment is up to the task. We have all the shapes, with lamp shade styles ranging from drum shades to square, from bell shaped lamp shades to flared, from square to cone shades! Are you looking for lamp shades that have unique textures? Shades of Light has you covered. We have lamp shades that are made from silk, paper, burlap, fashion fabrics, string, seagrass, rawhide, organza, straw, birch wood, rattan, parchment, and more! Colored linings and textured fabrics set our shades apart from the crowd! Distinguish your lifestyle the easy way with a lamp shade from Shades of Light.

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