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Wall Sconce Light Fixtures | Ambient & Task Lighting Favorite

Sconces can be used for so many purposes in both indoor and outdoor lighting designs! Sconces and swing arm wall lamps are an ideal way to add layers of ambient light to many rooms throughout a home, such as hallways and entryways. They are also versatile enough to serve as task lights in some placements. For example, bath sconces can illuminate your bathroom vanity mirror for tasks like applying makeup.

Whether you’re browsing for traditional, modern, or rustic sconces, or you want an antique, industrial, or nautical touches to your space, Shades of Light has a wall sconce style to add distinction and flair to your room. Our fixture style and finishes include natural elements like shells, twigs, and driftwood; metals like copper, bronze, brass, and wrought iron; and elegant options like minimalist black, clear Murano glass, and fine crystal. Our coordinating chandelier and sconce families also make it easy for you to select lighting that looks great together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help choosing a stylish sconce that meets your size and brightness needs and matches your personal taste? Our wall sconce buying guide offers ideas, advice, and answers to some of the most commonly asked wall sconce questions in even more detail than we do on this page!

Are Sconces in Style?

Unless you’re a lighting design professional, sconces may not be a light fixture you’re used to browsing, since many homes come with builder sconce fixtures pre-installed. But there are so many styles of this versatile fixture type to choose from! If you’re asking yourself, “Are sconces too traditional for me?” or “Are sconces really still in style?” we recommend browsing modern and contemporary sconces for the latest cutting-edge designs. If the timeless, elegant feeling is what you love in traditional a wall sconce, don’t worry! We have vintage-inspired sconces and elegant crystal and glass sconces to suit your tastes as well.

Why Are Sconces Good Hallway Lights?

Sconces make great hallway light fixtures, because they can be evenly placed in long and short hallway spaces to keep even illumination as you move through your home. If your hallway features art pieces or photos, art light sconces can help you accent the images you love the most and want your guests to admire.

Do Sconces Make Good Reading Lights?

Hallways and entryways aren’t the only places to put wall lights! Sconces can be placed on either side of a bed or above a home office or study desk space to give adequate reading light. Having excellent light is important for a space where regular reading occurs to prevent eye fatigue. To multiply the light from a pair of office or study sconces, hang the sconces on either side of a mirror.

Installing a Wall Sconce: Plug In vs. Direct Wired

The specific instructions for installing a wall sconce will differ depending on the type of fixture you choose. Be sure to consult a licensed electrician before you hang your wall sconce to ensure you have the wiring configuration needed to power your fixture. Our full wall sconce collection includes cordless direct wire and plug in options, and some are sconces convertible!

Energy Efficient Sconce Ideas

Is an efficient bulb with a long lifespan the most important consideration for you? If so, consider choosing an LED light bulb for your wall sconce. To find the bulb wattage and base size that match your wall sconce fixture, consult the wall sconce’s product specifications which will provide this information. 

Looking for a beautiful sconce design that you won’t find anywhere else? Browse our exclusive wall light collection!

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