Vanity Light Fixtures | Bathroom Lights Over Mirrors

The vanity lighting standard keeps getting raised! Every year bathroom design receives more and more attention resulting in the creation of some of the most beautiful bathrooms ever.  Our standard for excellence in stylish bathroom design continues to increase and as in most interior design projects, the lighting is critical to a successful design.  Quality vanity bathroom lighting needs to balance the need for both good ambient light (general fill-in lighting) and for ample task lighting (lighting for hair, make-up, shaving etc.) Over-the -mirror, vanity light strips remain one of the mainstays in a successful bathroom lighting package. - And for some good news:  one of the quickest, easiest and most cost effective ways of updating a bathroom is to update the existing vanity bath bar with some new unique vanity lighting. Visually, these bath lights tend to be the general focal point of the room and hard to miss; therefore, you get maximum credit for the change since everyone will noticed the refresh. To find the best Bathroom Vanity Lights, high quality and high style you need to go no further.  Shades of Light has put together for you a collection of Unique Bathroom Lighting designed to Distinguish your Style. Explore our 2 light vanity lights for a simplistic design, our vanity light strips for a classic fixture choice and our unique vanity lighting options for everything in between!

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