Table Lamp Shades: Fun Patterns, Contemporary Shapes & Versatile Style

Change the personality of a table lamp or update its style with the addition of a well-selected table lamp shade. Available in a multitude of patterns, shapes, and sizes, a table lamp shade becomes part of your room decor instantly as a background neutral or pop of personality, depending on your selection. Patterned lamp shades add interesting details to your table space and help to diffuse the light to a comfortable level for practical tasks like reading and writing. Pick a patterned lamp shade with a trellis or fretwork pattern to complement an elegant table lamp base and bring some much-needed variety to an end table, bedside table, or desk. Neutral lamp shades can work cohesively with existing decor and let other design elements of a room speak louder. If your look is nautical, lamp shades in natural textures like linen, seagrass, and bamboo can bring calming earth tones to your indoor oasis.

What Size Lamp Shade Do I Need for a Table Lamp?

Replacing a table lamp shade is a simple and fun way to update a design without having to buy an entirely new lamp. Table lamp shades should be a perfect fit, not just in terms of your personal style, but in terms of the size of the fittings for your particular table lamp. Table lamp shades from Shades of Light come in small (7” to 12”)—perfect for mini accent lamps—medium (12” to 14”), and large (15” to 17”), making them a versatile choice for all of your task lighting needs. When it comes to choosing the right size lamp shade, it helps to know how to measure a lamp shade, but if you get stuck, our customer service team is always here to help you make a choice that you’ll love!

How Do I Choose a Lamp Shade for a Table Lamp?

After you determine your table lamp’s size and fitting needs, you can let your design sensibilities guide the type of lamp shade you design you choose.

·      Pick an Interesting Shape: You can bring unexpected dimension into your room with contemporary table lamp shades in modern shapes, including round drum, oval, square, empire, and rectangular designs.

·      Embrace Bold Patterns and Prints: Patterns on modern and contemporary lamp shades can be geometric, or include pop art designs, metallics and safari prints like zebra, leopard and alligator.

·      Go for Touchable Texture: Consider a classic material like refined silk, linen, and kraft paper, or go in a more unexpected direction, with natural mica, faux leather, burlap, and grasscloth shades that run the gamut from modern to rustic.

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