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Our high-quality selection of ceiling fan designs includes beautiful fixtures to help you distinguish your style while increasing airflow in your space. A ceiling fan can make your room up to 10 degrees cooler, providing comfort and saving some air conditioning expense.

We are passionate about helping you find answers to your questions as you browse fans. Review the key considerations below to guide you through your search! Need to do a bit more in-depth research? Consult our extensive Ceiling Fan Ideas Buying Guide.


Ceiling fans are measured according to their diameter, or measurement across the middle. Our dimensions include small (29 to 48 inches), medium (48 to 59 inches), and large (60 inches or greater). A variety of fan sizes provides attractive cooling options for home offices, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and even outdoor seating areas.


Whether you’re on the hunt for an interesting fan that looks nothing like what you’ve seen before, or you want to replace an outdated fixture with a new design that still portrays classic elegance, there are many types of fans to choose from!

Ceiling Fans with Lights: Some fixtures are designed with integrated lights, while fans without lights can have bulbs added via a light kit. We have lighting kits to go with all of our ceiling fans.

Low Profile & Hugger: Flush mount designs that sit close to the ceiling, also called “low profile” or “hugger”, are great choices for rooms with low ceilings and minimalist designs. These fixtures do not include a downrod or can be converted into a low profile fan by removing the downrod.

Contemporary & Mid-Century Modern: Clean lines and geometric shapes are features that tie together modern and contemporary fixtures. For a striking mid-century look, consider a 3-blade design with curved shaped blades.

Rustic Industrial & Modern Farmhouse: If evoking a rustic, industrial, or farmhouse style is your top priority when selecting a fan, pay attention to the materials and finish. Our rustic and industrial choices include bronze, wood, brushed nickel, galvanized, distressed, and more finishes.

Fans for Tall Ceilings: Tall ceilings allow for dramatic and oversized fans. To create visual impact, consider a diameter wider than 60 inches with a downrod that will bring the fan away from the ceiling. In extra large spaces, you may also want to hang a series of fans.


As you browse, consider the following product features to select the best fixture to suit your functional and design needs.

Pitched Blades: The blade pitch, along with the blade span, determines how well the fan will cool the room. Extra blade pitch, generally greater than 12 degrees, will help you move a maximum amount of air.

Indoor and Outdoor: Some fans in our collection are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Review product details for damp rating information and any relevant notes about the fixture’s weatherproofing.

Energy-Efficient Fans: Our collection includes energy-efficient and ENERGY STAR rated fans to conserve power. Fans with an ENERGY STAR rating have passed a rigorous testing criteria concerning energy consumption. For additional efficiency, look for a DC motor as opposed to an AC motor, since DC motors are more compact.

Remote Control: Some fans include handheld or wall-mounted remotes to allow you to adjust your fan speed with ease.

Reversible: Did you know ceiling fan blades can spin in different directions to work most effectively in different seasons? To spin blades forward in the summer, pushing cool air into the room, and backward in the winter, pulling warm air through the room, look for a reversible motor fan.

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