Rectangle & Square Mirrors: Flat, Framed & Beveled Mirror Styles

Square and rectangle mirrors are a classic choice that can add elegance to any room! These shapes are easy to place along a wall because the lines and angles of their frames will naturally echo the lines and angles of the wall on which they are placed, provided your room does not have rounded walls. For an elegant traditional style room, you might consider a beveled shape, in which the outer edge of the frame has been cut and polished to contrast the slightly thicker inner portion of the frame. To add some softness to your square or rectangle mirror design, consider a mirror with rounded edges, which add a touch of easy romance. If you have a lot of wall space to fill, such as over a large bathroom vanity or across a long entryway hall, you may want to consider a horizontal rectangle mirror; similarly, vertical mirrors can be helpful in slim spaces or small rooms. For a square or rectangle mirror that gives you a head to toe view, full length and leaner mirrors are the way to go. Still need some help figuring out where to place a square or rectangle mirror? Check out our mirror hanging guide!  

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