Stylish foyer lighting knows how to make an entrance! Foyer hanging lanterns come in all shapes and sizes to fit your hallway and entryway decor perfectly. Hanging lanterns are a versatile decor element that can be hung at varying heights or in groups of two or more for a more dramatic impact in your room. Try spacing them out to light a hallway or use a hanging lantern in spaces that are a little too small for a traditional chandelier.

Lantern lights aren’t just for foyers; they’re are also versatile enough to be placed along the most- traveled paths in other rooms, including kitchens, dining rooms, outdoor patios, and exterior covered walkways where you and your guests can admire their beauty and appreciate the light they provide. Hanging lanterns can add that perfect element of modern or traditional elegance, industrial chic lighting, or even rustic style, depending on the materials and textures you select. For a more unique look, consider a glass sphere, prism, or Moravian Star-shaped lantern. Lanterns with multiple candle lights provide a softer light compared to one light lanterns that tend to be high wattage lights that can sometimes have a harsh glare.

For more information on using lantern light in outdoor spaces, consult our outdoor lighting guide!

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