The illuminating elegance of crystal on the ceiling is virtually unmatched by any other material! Crystal flush mount and semi-flush ceiling lights as well as crystal mini chandeliers are well sought after for this and for their majestic brilliant reflections on walls and ceilings. From traditional to modern, crystal ceiling light styles vary from all-over covering with beads, rosettes, and prisms to just a few pendants. Whatever your choice, a crystal ceiling light always adds a majestic touch to a room. Our selection of crystal flush mount lighting encompasses Strass crystals, Gem cut crystal, Egyptian crystal, Spectra crystal, lead crystal, Turkish crystal, heirloom crystal, bohemian crystal, Czech crystal, Murano, Italian crystal, Wood polished crystal, Legacy crystal, Venetian, glass, rock crystal, vintage crystal, and antique crystal.

Did you know you can put a modern twist on a crystal ceiling light by choosing fixture with a frame in black, chrome, or polished nickel finish? For more ceiling light styling ideas and advice like this, check out our ceiling lights buying guide!

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