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Vintage Edison Light Bulbs

Industrial-era inspired filament


Decorative Light Bulbs

Take fixtures to their style zenith


Candle Base Light Bulbs

Smaller base, limitless style


Medium Base Light Bulbs

Standard screw-in base


LED Light Bulbs

Energy saving & Long-lasting


Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Stylish energy-saving options


Halogen Light Bulbs

Durable and efficient


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Save on essentials

Light Bulbs

The proper light bulb is the finishing touch on any lighting fixture. Whether simply functional for the needed amount of light required, or decorative with a personality to fit your style, we have an amazing assortment to select from. We carry more than the basic bulbs here; sure we have the incandescent medium base A socket bulbs and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs with all shapes and sizes including globes, candelabra, tubular and spiral. Halogen and xenon bulbs for bright light include PAR 16, Par 20, Par 30, MR 16, bi pin and T9 bulbs, and full spectrum daylight bulbs, silver crown, reflector bulbs, energy saving LED and dark sky bulbs, and outdoor 12 volt bulbs add to the assortment. Our specialty bulbs provide decorative details with Edison filaments for an industrial look, twinkling and star bulbs for whimsy, colored bulbs for “mood” lighting such as pink or amber, flicker flame or faux wax candle tip bulbs and glamorous new gold coated bulbs. Explore your bulb options here for all your lighting needs!

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