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      Bathroom Light Fixtures

      Your unique sense of taste can make all the difference in creating a stunning bathroom with beautiful lighting! Bath lighting fixtures come in a few main styles, including vanity lights, bath sconces, and bathroom ceiling lights. Within these categories, you'll find a wide range of interesting design textures, shapes, and color combinations, from sleek black bathroom sconces to rustic and vintage-inspired fixtures in brass, bronze, and glass. Whether you're looking for a small bathroom lighting solution, need guest bathroom lighting ideas for a new renovation, or want to upgrade your master bathroom lights, we have a wide range of bathroom lighting fixture choices to turn your bathroom vision into a reality.

      Types of Bathroom Lights

      Before shopping our collection of lighting for bathrooms and popular bath fixtures consider our quick references below. These definitions and advice may help you feel more prepared as you browse bathroom lights to buy online.

      • Bathroom Vanity Lighting: Unique vanity lights are the lights that illuminate a vanity mirror over a bathroom sink. This is an important light source that provides task lighting to help you groom and apply makeup. It can also serve as a main style component in small bathroom or powder room lighting designs. See our vanity lights category and our How To Find the Best Bathroom Vanity Lighting guide for more information.

      • Bath Wall Sconces: These are wall mounted bathroom light fixtures that you will likely find on either side of your bathroom mirror. When combined with another vanity light above a mirror or with an overhead ceiling light, this lighting layer can remove shadows and provide even illumination. In a large bathroom design, sconces might be placed for accent lighting purposes. You should think about the style and size of your bathroom mirror when selecting bath sconces. For example, you may want to pair a minimalist frameless vanity mirror with a set of modern bath sconces. Narrower mirrors in small bathrooms may only need bathroom sconces on either side, placed about 28” apart, and may not need overhead vanity lights at all.

      • Bathroom Ceiling Lights: While vanity lights around the mirror may be the first to come to mind, complete light layers will also include bathroom ceiling lights to provide additional illumination. Consider placement and total lumens count in combination with any bathroom vanity lighting to determine which is the best bathroom ceiling light for your space. As a general rule of thumb, bathrooms require at least 70 lumens per square foot.

      • Bathroom Chandeliers & Pendant Lights: Customers are often surprised to learn that chandeliers and pendant lights can both be incorporated into bathroom lighting designs! With bathroom hanging lights, you will need to consider a few additional elements beyond the brightness of the light. You should review damp and wet safety ratings for each fixture and consult a licensed electrician to determine the safest place to install a hanging light in a bathroom. For more sizing, placement, and design tips consult our How to Size a Bathroom Chandelier guide.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Lights

      Do you have questions about light selection and installation for bathrooms? Refer to some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you are still in need of guidance, our customer service department can also assist you!

      • How to Light a Small Bathroom vs. a Master Bathroom?

        At Shades of Light, we carry bathroom wall lights with 1-to-7 bulbs. The number of bulbs and total number of fixtures needed in a lighting plan will depend on the size of the room and the level of light desired. For example, in main master baths where grooming and makeup application regularly take place, bright, even light across the vanity mirror is essential. However, in a small or half bathrooms primarily used by guests, dimmer light with more ambiance may be appropriate.

      • Are LED Lights Good for Bathrooms?

        If energy efficiency and a long lifespan are your top priorities, then LED bath fixtures are a great lighting solution! Many of our fixtures can become LED lights with the addition of an LED light bulb. Simply consult the product's maximum wattage and bulb fitting details, available in the product's description, to find the right bulb for your fixture.

      • Do Bath Lights Need Covers?

        Some fixtures will have bulbs exposed, while others will feature bulb covers or shades. Bath light shade materials can vary from frosted to clear glass, fabric, or even sparkling crystals. Consider which shade might work well with the colors and textures already in your bath decor. The majority of our designs come with shades included, but you can also browse our sconce shades if you want to take bath sconce design into your own hands!

        When you know the basics of bathroom lighting, you can let your creativity flow to make a unique statement with your bathroom style!


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