Navy Blue Home Accents, Wicker Decor & So Much More!

Looking for new room design inspiration? Why not choose New England-style interiors as your theme! The New England Nostalgia catalog celebrates the elements that make New England's architecture and interiors distinct: natural materials like wood and wicker, seaport color schemes like navy blue and white, and coastal design touches like rope and seagrass. This home decor and lighting aesthetic makes for an easy re-design plan if you already have a few farmhouse, cottage, rustic, or traditional pieces, but want to make the nostalgic feel more cohesive throughout your living room, kitchen, sitting room, or dining room. When you browse the cover items from the 2020 New England Nostalgia Catalog, you'll find New England-style furniture, from fabric benches and woven chairs to stately wooden curio cabinets and bohemian bookshelves; a curated selection of farmhouse pendants and rustic chandeliers in wood bead and woven seagrass materials; and a cozy selection of embroidered and fringe pillows. 

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