Contemporary bathroom lighting design aims to illuminate the essential areas of a bathroom, like the vanity mirror area, while also maintaining a relaxed spa-like ambiance and embracing the latest interior trends. Because the cutting-edge of modern interior design is always shifting, modern and contemporary bathroom concepts may look different to different people. At Shades of Light, we curate our contemporary bath sconces, modern bathroom ceiling lights, mid-century vanity lights, and more with this expansive open concept in mind.

Our selection of modern bathroom light fixtures draws on varied influences from minimalist and industrial styles in glass and metal to designs in elegant crystal, textured linen and rustic mesh finishes. When you envision a modern bathroom light look, your mind may go to chic metallic finishes such as brass and polished nickel, or you may draw inspiration from unexpected shapes, such as bath bars, tube vanity lights, or globe sconce lights. Explore our modern bathroom designs for inspiration and examples of the types of lighting that can bring your bathroom into the here and now.


Whether you’re refreshing your home to prepare it to sell or you’re just in the mood to add a modern touch to your space, bathrooms are a popular choice for room upgrades. These spaces, especially master baths, are centers of self-care and relaxation that get frequent daily use. Most bathrooms are also small enough rooms that they can be a more feasible financial undertaking to renovate all at once than a kitchen, dining room, or living room. To create a modern oasis out of a plain or outdated family bathroom, here are a few ideas for replacing bath lights to create a custom bathroom design:

Embrace Hanging Lights: If you have enough ceiling clearance to leave ample room for walking, consider replacing a close-to-ceiling bathroom light with a chic hanging option like a modern bathroom chandelier.

Echo Other Bathroom Design Features: Have you recently installed new bathroom cabinets? Just finished upgrading bathroom tiles or installing a chic new modern bath tub and shower? Let the shapes, textures, and colors from those upgrades be your guide in choosing new lighting! For example, clear glass modern bath lights blend well with all-white bathroom subway tiles in a bathroom with good natural light, and bronze contemporary bathroom lights are an elegant choice to complement jewel tone cabinets.

Brighten Up Your Task Lighting: Many builder bathroom light fixtures are not optimal for proper task lighting over a vanity mirror. Contemporary vanity lights can improve visibility for your grooming and makeup tasks so that you can get the most flattering and accurate light.

Add Some New Tech: Embracing dimmable, remote-controlled, or smart home compatible fixtures is one way to make your bathroom feel very “now”. These features can also help you create ambiance for your bathroom, perfect for a relaxing soak in the tub.

Consider Energy-Efficient Fixtures: One way to improve the energy efficiency of your bathroom is to embrace LED bath lights. LED bathroom lights include fixtures with integrated technology, such as LED bath strips, or fixtures such as ceiling lights that can take LED bulbs.

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