Kids Lighting, Rugs & Home Decor

Possibly the greatest impact one can have in home decorating is decorating a child’s room. Take this opportunity to make an unmistakably personal statement for your child. Let your child know you designed their room for them and them alone. After all, it is never too early to distinguish their lifestyle.

Are you looking for a sugary sweet pink bow chandelier shade for that special chandelier in your little girl’s room, a custom monogrammed lamp shade? Or perhaps, you are interested in spicing up your boys’ or girls’ bedroom with a new hip retro ceiling light or pendant? Well, you are in the right place. Shades of Light has stars, globes, bushel basket lanterns, basketball hoop lights and butterfly pendants; this is where you will find your children’s lighting needs. We have fun, whimsical yet practical designs to handle your child’s lighting needs from nursery straight through their teenage years. We have unique flush mount ceiling lights, as well as children's wall sconces have novelty table lamps like our popular piggy bank lamps as well as serious student desk lamp. Our eco-gecko wall sconce is beloved by parents and children alike. We have practical floor lamps and swing arm wall lamps, these task lights will make reading bedtime stories all the more fun. Are you decorating a Jack and Jill bathroom? We have some bath light ideas as well! 

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