Boho Style

Elevated Boho Room Ideas: Upgrade Your Space with a Bohemian Aesthetic

Want to upgrade your room with a new bohemian design plan? The Elevated Boho collection features light fixtures, furniture, and home decor items that evoke an earthy tone while also mixing well with eclectic and vintage elements. Warm metallic light fixtures create a connection point between boho vibes and contemporary minimalism. Consider the Mid Century Mushroom Table Lamp, Caswell Island Chandelier, or Badumna Wall Sconce for vibrant pieces whose understated curved shapes add elegance that does not detract from other design features. Looking for a meaningful way to embrace traditional bohemian decor textures like macrame, tassels, or rattan but still keep your room feeling up-to-date? Consider a hanging light like the Axel Chandelier, which features modern hourglass-shaped natural rope sections, rugs like the Toryn Hand-Knotted rug in colorful flatwoven natural wool, or chairs like the Leather Grid Chair set with a rattan frame. If you are building an eclectic gallery wall as a part of your boho room design, consider adding a soft rounded mirror like the Morgan Avenue Mirror or a pop of bright color via the Floral Canvas Wall Décor. For smaller touches of boho décor, throw blankets like the Abingdon throw feature a decorative braided border with luxurious tassels and the Tena, Tara, and Tarrek vases are striking minimal ceramic accents worthy of being placed next to treasured family heirlooms. Take inspiration from this this chic, cozy style the next time you get the urge to redecorate!

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