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Decorative Wall Mirrors, Floor mirrors, Vanity and Bath Mirrors, they all play an important role in home décor, providing the necessary reflection in a bath, bedroom or foyer. This reflected light can add depth and help to visually expand the feel of a room. While the decorative aspects of a decorative framed mirror reflects your style. Our wide selection of mirrors includes several classic shapes, including rectangular, square, round, oval, and even more. We also provide unique silhouettes in sunburst, quatrefoil, and even a Chinese pagoda! 

If you're looking for a bathroom or vanity mirror, you may want to look at a frameless style for a light, clean look with a beveled or ruffled edge. Other options to consider are wall-mounted tilting frames or a 3 panel tri-fold mirror design. 
Don't forget to look into bathroom & vanity lighting to add more decorative options; you can consult our Vanity Lights Buying Guide for more ideas! 

To make your mirror a more integral part of your overall décor, consider the frame. When selecting a framed mirror, you may coordinate with other finishes in the room including polished nickel, bronze, and copper metal finishes. To add depth and light in a living room, hallway or bedroom, you have numerous mirror options that will add color and personality to your walls. A high style traditional look may warrant a French trumeau or Baroque mirror, Venetian or Greek key mirror, chinoiserie or lattice patterns, with high gloss lacquer for a pop of color. To infuse nautical styling, try a mirror framed in capiz shells, bamboo, rope, or driftwood with coastal design shapes or even a distressed or rustic finish. 

Whether you are looking for a basic & understated mirror or a decorative wow factor for the room, you will find distinguished design options here! For designs that you will only find at Shades of Light, shop our collection of exclusive Shades of Light mirrors.

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