Where to Place Large Wall Sconces?

When your decor leaves you with wall space to fill, you can place large wall sconces in a variety of heights and locations for an elegant lighting solution. Large wall sconces range in height from 24 inches to 36 inches, while extra-large (or oversized) sconces can reach 60 inches or more. While the ideal height from the floor for a wall sconce depends on the height of your ceilings and size of the fixture, most wall sconces are installed with the center of the fixture between 60 inches and 72 inches.  However, oversized wall lights are often unique and require consideration of the height of the light itself and the overall size of the fixture. Tall wall sconces can frame entry ways, make a statement in transitional hallways and distinguish the sides of a mirror or fireplace, just to mention a few placements. Once you’ve decided on large wall lights for the high-traffic areas in your home, why not freshen up the air with a large ceiling fan or explore ways to refresh your bathroom lighting!

Looking for recommendations on how high to hang  wall sconce from the floor or above a desk, table, or vanity? Need help figuring out how far apart to space your sconces? Find wall sconce sizing and hanging height recommendations in our wall sconce design guide!

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