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      Chandeliers have evolved and it's time to think beyond the traditional dining room chandelier! The versatility of chandelier lighting has enabled it to venture out beyond the formal rooms and not only serve as a striking visual centerpiece but as the main source of lighting for most any room.   A unique, unusual, and fun chandelier light can set the tone for an entire room and enhance its surroundings. At Shades of Light, we have curated a truly distinguished selection of chandeliers that spans the breadth of today’s home decor styles. 

      Unique Chandeliers

      Expect the unexpected as you explore our chandelier collection. With a bit of whimsy and lots of style, you will find mid-century  modern chandeliers, chandelier lamps, and geometric chandeliers sitting comfortably besides industrial chic designs and bohemian stylings; all having one thing in common, they were selected as quality showpieces that will distinguish your individual style. Shop Shades of Light for our variety of unique chandeliers and find the one that is perfect for you!

      Foyer & Living Room Chandeliers

      Beginning with the entry foyer, a chandelier foreshadows your sense of style. Chandelier lighting can create first impressions ranging from a breath-taking grand welcome to that of a casual, intimate atmosphere that says, “I’m glad to be home” and extends those feelings throughout the home.  Similarly, a bold chandelier can form a stunning centerpiece in your living room, where you, your family, and your guests can admire it regularly. Need some guidance while browsing? You can consult our living room and foyer chandeliers guide for more advice on choosing a fixture. Our living room lighting ideas can also help you choose a living room chandelier that will coordinate well with other layers of lighting in your den or family room.

      Dining Room Chandeliers and Light Fixtures

      When considering dining room light fixtures and dining table chandeliers, know that our curated selection of dining room chandeliers includes both traditional styling from  crystal chandeliers  to wrought iron, polished nickel to antique brass and other mainstay materials.  We have also selected some unusual styles, including some surprising materials, like  wooden beaded chandeliers  and others crafted from reclaimed wood, jute and chicken wire.

      Choosing a unique chandelier that is well suited for your space requires some planning and a little expertise. For helpful information, please visit our dining room chandelier ideas section, where you will find useful information and answers to questions such as:

      • What is the correct height to hang a dining chandelier?
      • How to choose between a small, medium, and large dining room chandelier size

      If you are looking for a quick and easy update for a room without replacing your current lighting or making a larger purchase, consider adding  chandelier shades to your existing chandelier. It is amazing how much this little refresh can change the look and feel of a room!

      Kitchen Chandeliers

      Chandeliers work in any room and for every style, including the kitchen! When looking for some stylish kitchen table lights to update your kitchen, consider using a kitchen chandelier. Hanging a chandelier over your kitchen table may be just the focal point you need. Whether you’re looking for a simple farmhouse table chandelier or a modern island kitchen chandelier, you can distinguish your style with our wide selection. Shades of Light can help you find a lighting centerpiece that speaks in understated elegant tones or one that reaches the higher show stopping notes. Let us help you distinguish your style!  

      Bedroom Chandeliers

      When you think of bedroom lighting, bedroom chandeliers may not be the first thing to come to mind. If ceiling lights and bedside lamps are the only light fixtures you associate with bedrooms, you may want to re-consider the simple, refined elegance that a small chandelier could add to your bedroom. If you’re interested in updating your bedroom lighting check out our bedroom chandelier ideas for help choosing, placing, and hanging a bedroom chandelier. 

      Bathroom Chandeliers

      Customers are often surprised to find that chandeliers are also a lighting option in bathroom spaces! You can, in fact, hang a chandelier in the bathroom, as long as you follow a few key guidelines around sizing, placement, and safe fixture choice.  We love this unexpected choice for adding a bit of extra drama and luxury to a small bathroom, where guests can delight in the chandelier’s unexpected brilliance, or in a master bath, where you can enjoy stylish illumination while you pamper yourself.


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