When it’s time to upgrade your out-of-date ceiling fan or ceiling light, why not choose a stylish replacement fan combining the best of two fixtures? Fans with lights are an extremely popular choice for areas where you want to optimize airflow throughout the room and provide ambient illumination, such as a living room or an outdoor patio. This hybrid fan / light source is a great design upgrade idea since you can get so much value out of a single ceiling fan!

Have questions about choosing a light kit compatible with your current fixture? Contact our customer care team for expert guidance.


Depending on your home lighting and airflow needs, there are a range of styles to choose from that can solve a variety of functional and design dilemmas!

Indoor-Outdoor Designs offer flexible placement in interior rooms and outdoor spaces, giving you the chance to create design continuity both inside and outside the home. Be sure to review product details for indoor-outdoor compatibility and special finish information, as some finishes may not be suited for environments such as coastal areas.

Semi-Flush & Low-Profile Fans work well in rooms with low ceilings since they sit close to the ceiling and allow for more walking clearance underneath. Depending on the dimensions of the room, the diameter of the fan, and the wattage of the low profile fan bulbs, you may want to consider placing multiple fans in a large or extra-large room to provide even lighting and cooling.

Remote-Controlled & Dimmable Models: Remote fan and lighting controls add a touch of modern technology, saving you time and allowing you to adjust fan speed, direction, and light level from across the room.

LED Bulb & DC Motor Ceiling Fans: Is conserving energy your top priority? Both LED bulbs and DC fan motors can reduce energy consumption to save on power and potentially save you money on your electric bill.

Sloped-Ceiling Compatible Fans: If your home is an a-frame or features interesting ceiling architecture like a sloped ceiling, look for a lighted fan that says “sloped ceiling compatible” in the product details.

Looking for a lighted fan that will coordinate well with your existing room design? Refine your search by style to see modern, rustic, and industrial ceiling fan models among others. You can also narrow down choices by color to see a curated collection, such as black or white.

Are you a first time ceiling fan buyer with general questions about how to choose a fan? Check out our ceiling fan buying guide for more sizing, placement, and installation recommendations!

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