Steampunk Light Fixtures: Lamps, Chandeliers, Sconces & More

Whether you’re a longtime lover of steampunk style or you’re new to this aesthetic, you can make a bold statement in your space with our steampunk light fixtures and home decor. Steampunk style is a creative combination of vintage-looking industrial elements with unexpected modern touches. Inspired by the Victorian era and Industrial Revolution, steampunk pieces harken back to a 19th century machine shop, bringing in elements like cages, wheel spokes, gears, fans, clock faces, and pulleys. Combine these old-fashioned motifs with contemporary innovations, like indoor-outdoor compatible materials and energy-efficient LED bulbs, and you can enjoy the best elements of past and present for years to come. Steampunk decor pieces like mirrors are an easy addition to your space and they’re versatile enough to fit in bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways. You can incorporate a steampunk chandelier or pendant in an industrial style kitchen, dining room, or foyer where it is sure to capture attention. Are you a reader or writer of the steampunk literature genre, which combines Victorian settings with futuristic science fiction elements? A steampunk table lamp or floor lamp is a practical and stylish choice to illuminate your reading or writing space, helping you fully immerse yourself in the setting of your next great adventure. For more distinguished fixtures inspired by the past, check out our antique-inspired lighting and decor. 

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