Industrial Pendant Lighting

Industrial decor is so chic! Here is a collection of industrial pendants designs that define the style. A powerful, confident and inspiring home decorating style, the industrial chic trend is magnified by the convergence of a number of modern lifestyle choices: the popularity of the open, airy, urban loft look and an unquenchable craving for vintage objects. The industrial urban loft look rides a tidal wave of energy created by all these movements. Although industrial pendants can be very clean lined and contemporary; they are fundamentally nostalgic looking pendants stemming from vintage factory lighting. Clean-lined clear retro glass pendants, industrial pulley pendants, cage pendants, and pendants made from beloved vintage objects; our selection of industrial pendants will shepherded this vintage pendant look into its second millennium. Shop here to distinguish your industrial chic home.

Looking to incorporate a refined but rugged aesthetic into your lighting design? Consult our pendant lighting tips and ideas for your kitchen, foyer, patio, and more!

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