Elevated Boho Room Ideas: Upgrade Your Space with a Bohemian Aesthetic

Want to revamp your room with luxury lighting and an eclectic interior design plan? The Eclectic Luxury collection features light fixtures, lamps, furniture, tables, mirror, rugs, and home decor items that evoke an elegant tone while also mixing well with lush elements. A strong style and personal comfort creates a bridge between sophisticated design and various textures, shapes and patterns. Consider the Simply Elegant Luxury Floor Lamp, Mintaka Elegant Coffee Table, Pieridae Luxury Console Table, and Gordon Luxury Media Console to reflect your elegant personality with a polished aura. Looking for a refined way to incorporate an eclectic style interior design like a luxury dining table or chair, luxury mirror (lean, vault, floor, or round), or luxury chair for a classy feel? Shades of Light has many options to choose from. Finishes range from natural and distressed to wood, iron, and gold. Consider a luxury chandelier like the Spherule Chic Eclectic Chandelier that can turn your living room into a trendsetting space, featuring wooden beads around each layer for a lovely eclectic addition. Our Lush Leo Luxury Sofa is great for sitting comfortably with some flair. For smaller touches of luxury interior design, we have eclectic rugs (wool and hand-woven) and luxury pillows (vintage pillow and boho pillow). For finishing touches, our Osmunda Framed Luxury Wall Art is a great complimentary piece!

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