Chandelier Accessories

Small finishing touches often make all the difference. Our selection of chandelier accessories may be just what you need to put your look over the top.  Some chandeliers are quite simply enhanced by adding chandelier shades. Our clip-on bulb adapters make this addition a snap. Another stylish finishing touch for those who love the look of the exposed candles on a chandelier is to upgrade to new faux wax drip candle covers and use decorative bulbs. Adding a finishing touch such as a chandelier chain cover can add color and soften the look by hiding the chain and wires. Available in silk, burlap, linen, cotton or taffeta, chandelier chain covers are a designer favorite. Ceiling medallions anchor a chandelier and can add an exquisite crowing touch to your whole room. And we have seen many a crystal chandelier that just needed a little tender loving care and a bottle of our crystal cleaner to reach its zenith!

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