When you want to update your lighting style without undertaking a total redesign, a new replacement lamp shade can add some quick and easy pizzazz! Whether you’re refreshing a favorite floor or table lamp, or incorporating new sconce and chandelier shades, elegant light covers are often just the right finishing touch needed to freshen up a room. At Shades of Light, we offer over 450 lamp shade choices to give you a wide range of styles, shapes, colors and textures to choose from. You will find our lampshade materials to be of premium quality, and we even have some washable lampshades and lampshades suitable for indoor/outdoor use. What’s more, most of our lamp shades are handmade in the USA!

It's amazing what a stylish new lamp shade shape or a colored lining in a lampshade can do to change a look. Lamp shades help to diffuse the light, reduce glare and direct light down where you need it, especially with chandeliers, wall sconces and reading lamps. To create warmer tones in your lamp lighting, consider adding a lamp shade or shade lining in metallic hues like gold and bronze; for cooler light, consider light blue, green or silver shades, and for more neutral tones, choose a minimalist cream, white, or tan shade. Our lamp shade selection includes contemporary and traditional in all shapes, sizes and materials. Create a simple, natural look with paper, linen, and burlap or turn up the elegance with acrylic, silk and sheer organza shades. In addition to the popular drum shade shape, we have round, oval, square, pyramid, cylinder, cone, flared, cut corner, rectangular, and shield half shades. Lamp shade fittings include spider, washer, uno, Euro, Nord, regular clip and candle clip. We also carry replacement glass shades for bath lights and island chandeliers.

We carry a large range of shade sizes to fit your fixtures, from 6” and smaller chandelier shades to oversized 18” and larger shades. Before you buy your next replacement lamp shade, consult our blog for tips on how to measure a lamp shade to find the perfect size and shape.

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