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    Grandmillennial Glam

    Tags: Traditional

    By: Shades of Light

    Date: 2022-07-22

      Grandmillennial Dining room

      Design fads come and go, but there's something about vintage and traditional décor that can make any house feel like a home. Our Grandmillennial Glam look combines all the best elements of bygone trends and adds contemporary notes of homey comfort and playful ambiance to merge tradition with today. This cool and cozy abode boasts a distinctive textile palette, with rich, jewel-tone velvets, vintage-inspired rugs, and tons of throw pillows in mix-and-match patterns.

      Grandmillennial Glam Dining Room

      Trending gold and brass metal finishes add pops of polished refinement—and fresh mid-century shapes and lines feel 'dashing' instead of 'dated.' Luxe maximalist wallpaper, moody tones in paint and artwork, and clusters of decorative delights offer the perfect blend of sophisticated glamour and joyfully unique personal touches. Showcase your favorite heirlooms, antiques, or vintage finds to make this space truly one-of-a-kind!

      Grandmillenial Glam Bathroom



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