Halogen Light Bulbs

The tiny halogen bulb is more efficient and has a longer life than standard incandescent bulbs. Their small size allows for minimalist designs without sacrificing light quality and brightness. These tungsten-halogen bulbs provide whiter light and a higher light output than incandescent bulbs. We carry bipin, MR-16, halogen A19 bulbs, double loop, wedge base, GU10 twist and lock, and more kinds of halogen bulbs. 

Halogen bulbs work by passing electricity through a tungsten filament, which is enclosed in a tube containing halogen gas. This causes a chemical reaction to take place which removes the tungsten from the wall of the glass and deposits it back onto the filament. This extends the life of the bulb. In order for the chemical reaction to take place, the filament needs to be hotter than what is needed for incandescent bulbs. The good news is that a hotter filament produces a brilliant white light and is more efficient (more lumens per watt). Care must be taken not to touch the glass part of the bulb with our fingers. The oils from our fingers will weaken the glass and shorten the bulb's life. 

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