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Antique Rugs

Whether you are looking for a special heirloom treasure or that unique vintage one-of-a-kind find, we will have it here. Antique rugs (carpets woven before 1920) have their own story to tell. The majority of antique rugs are Persian, but we mostly carry rare Turkish finds. Our antique rugs are selected for their age (most were woven before 1900), their unique designs and colorings, their quality of color, and their level of craftsmanship evidenced in the sharpness of their motifs. Whether you choose a lively colored Oushak, a cushy thick antique Moroccan rug, or a soft pastel heirloom, these rugs give a room an elegant distinction. 

Oushak (ushak) carpets made in the 17th century were used in the royal houses of Europe, thus called Palace Rugs as well as Christian churches. Oushak rugs have recurring themes: star, medallion, bird, etc. usually with a white background.

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