Seaside Escape

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Last Updated: June 20, 2019

Bring your favorite beachside resort home with décor that creates a gorgeous coastal utopia. A soft yet lively palette of aqua, mint and sea greens, and soothing pinks and corals evokes a gentle, beachy atmosphere, and brings to mind lapping waves and warm, painterly sunsets on the water. White and wooden accents in light or natural finishes decorate this room like sun bleached shells and water-smoothed drift wood thrown against the sands of your favorite seaside hideaway. 

Stacking distressed signage, impressionist canvases, and woven wall décor ties this comfortable, casual look together with an effortless joie de vivre. Add a splash of greenery to this cozy paradise to craft a refined, yet whimsical feel that'll turn your home into the ultimate relaxation destination.

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Seaside Escape

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