Vibrant Hand knotted Modern Tribal Rug

Vibrant Hand knotted Modern Tribal Rug

This collection is hand knotted entirely of refurbished faux silks from India. The design reverberates in stunning colors like shades of pinks, blues, and red that make for an incredibly vibrant collection. 100% Faux Silk. Imported.

Product SKU: XH15114 0203MU
Price:  $ 225.00

2'x3'Multi Pink, Blue, Ivory $225.00
4'x6'Multi Pink, Blue, Ivory $898.00
5'6"x8'6"Multi Pink, Blue, Ivory $1666.00
7'9"x9'9"Multi Pink, Blue, Ivory $2688.00
8'6"x11'6"Multi Pink, Blue, Ivory $3456.00
9'6"x13'6"Multi Pink, Blue, Ivory $5016.00
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