Tudor Window Grill Plush Wool Rug

Tudor Window Grill Plush Wool Rug

Modern Moroccan or Tudor styling makes an appearance in a captivating way in this oversized graphic pattern. Available in today's popular color palettes including; Aqua & Cream, Cream & Khaki, Cream & Orange, or Mushroom & Cream. A stunning combination of 100% handtufted wool and art silk creates texture and surface interest that gives a shimmering contrast of matte and shine. Imported. (Specify size and color when ordering) 15mm pile height.

Product SKU: XH13019 0203CM
Price:  $ 93.00

2'x3'Cream, Orange $93.00
2'x3'Mushroom, Cream $93.00
2'x3'Aqua, Cream $93.00
2'x3'Cream, Khaki $93.00
3'6"x5'6"Aqua, Cream $298.00
3'6"x5'6"Mushroom, Cream $298.00
3'6"x5'6"Cream, Orange $298.00
5'x8'Mushroom, Cream $559.00
5'x8'Cream, Orange $559.00
5'x8'Aqua, Cream $559.00
5'x8'Cream, Khaki $559.00
8'x11'Cream, Khaki $1247.00
8'x11'Cream, Orange $1247.00
8'x11'Aqua, Cream $1247.00
8'x11'Mushroom, Cream $1247.00
9'6"x13'6"Aqua, Cream $1949.00
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