Superior Flokati Sheepskin Rug

Superior Flokati Sheepskin Rug

We searched to find the best Flokati rug available, considering the pile height, the pile density, easy cleaning, and color choices available. We wanted to make sure that the backing was not visible when trampled, that the pile was not too high (tends to matte down most when more than 2" high) and that the rugs were machine washable. So here is our winner! It has 2" high pile, is 100% sheep's wool in Cream, Cocoa Brown, Black or Palomino Tan. Flokati is a pure wool rug made in Greece by a unique process that uses pure natural sheep's wool, spun into yarn and woven to create long loops and then cut by hand. Flokati rugs are taken to mountain waterfalls where they are washed for hours in deep vats to make the wool yarn "blossom" into luxurious softness. No other rug looks or feels like an original Greek Flokati, with its deep thick softness. Because they are 100% sheep's wool, your Flokati rug will wear long and well, spring back into shape, and is naturally static and flame resistant. And it will keep its rich sheen and softness year after year. Woven and knotted wool. Nonslip rug pag recommended. Made in Greece. (Specify size and color when ordering) 2000 grams/m2 weight 100% New Zealand wool. Traditional Greek style, hand-woven Flokati shag rug. Plush 2-inch pile thickness.

Product SKU: XN13038 0305WH
Price:  $ 158.00

3'x5'Palomino Tan $158.00
3'x5'Black $158.00
3'x5'Cocoa Brown $158.00
3'x5'Cream $158.00
4'x6'Black $258.00
4'x6'Palomino Tan $258.00
4'x6'Cream $258.00
4'x6'Cocoa Brown $258.00
5'x7'Palomino Tan $424.00
5'x7'Cream $424.00
5'x7'Black $424.00
5'x7'Cocoa Brown $424.00
6'x9'Cocoa Brown $654.00
6'x9'Cream $654.00
6'x9'Black $654.00
6'x9'Palomino Tan $654.00
7'x10'Cocoa Brown $848.00
7'x10'Palomino Tan $848.00
7'x10'Black $848.00
7'x10'Cream $848.00
9'x12'Black $1308.00
9'x12'Cream $1308.00
9'x12'Palomino Tan $1308.00
9'x12'Cocoa Brown $1308.00
10'x14'Black $1696.00
10'x14'Cream $1696.00
10'x14'Palomino Tan $1696.00
10'x14'Cocoa Brown $1696.00
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