Solid Hues Border Rug

Solid Hues Border Rug

A perfect selection when you need to blend a certain color family without a lot of pattern, these rugs offer several tones of solid colors in an elegant textural border design of cut, loop and tufted wool. Select from graduated shades of Beige, Green, Gray and Red wine. Handmade in India. 100% wool. Specify size and color selection when ordering.

Product SKU: XH13116 0406GY
Price:  $ 176.00

3'6" x 5'6"Beige, Khaki, Tobacco, Bro $176.00
3'6" x 5'6"Platinum, Silver,Gray, Sla $176.00
3'6" x 5'6"Mint, Sage, Aqua, Teal $176.00
3'6" x 5'6"Rose, Red, Crimson, Burgan $176.00
5' x 7'6"Mint, Sage, Aqua, Teal $346.00
5' x 7'6"Beige, Khaki, Tobacco, Brown $346.00
5' x 7'6"Rose, Red, Crimson, Burgandy $346.00
5' x 7'6"Platinum, Silver,Gray, Slate $346.00
7'10" x 11'Platinum, Silver,Gray, Slate $828.00
7'10" x 11'Beige, Khaki, Tobacco, Brown $828.00
7'10" x 11'Mint, Sage, Aqua, Teal $828.00
7'10" x 11'Rose, Red, Crimson, Burgandy $828.00
9'3" x 13'Mint, Sage, Aqua, Teal $1161.00
9'3" x 13'Platinum, Silver,Gray, Slate $1161.00
9'3" x 13'Beige, Khaki, Tobacco, Brown $1161.00
9'3" x 13'Rose, Red, Crimson, Burgandy $1161.00
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