Softened Oval Pattern Rug

Softened Oval Pattern Rug

Intentionally crafted to appear like a well-worn antique, this rug is beautifully distressed to make a statement. The piece is finished by intentional breaks in the pattern to complete the antique look. The stamp-like pattern adds interest and playfulness to the rug. Choose from Grey Indigo or Silver Mocha. Hand-Knotted. 100% hand-spun rayon made from bamboo. Made in India.

Product SKU: XH15058 0203GY
Price:  $ 300.00

2'x3'Grey, Indigo $300.00
2'x3'Silver, Mocha $300.00
5'6"x8'6"Grey, Indigo $2200.00
5'6"x8'6"Silver, Mocha $2200.00
7'9"x9'9"Grey, Indigo $3550.00
7'9"x9'9"Silver, Mocha $3550.00
8'6"x9'9"Silver, Mocha $4600.00
8'6"x9'9"Grey, Indigo $4600.00
9'6"x13'6"Grey, Indigo $6880.00
9'6"x13'6"Silver, Mocha $6880.00
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