Simplified Fine Hand-Knotted Rug

Simplified Fine Hand-Knotted Rug

Inspired by tradition, this rug features the elegance of fine traditional rugs that have been updated for today's interiors. With its silky underfoot and smoothest fibers available this rug adds comfort and beauty to any interior. The classic pattern is modernized by shades of Silver and Dune that shine thanks to the rug's hand-spun silky soft material. Choose from either Sand Dune or Silver Ivory. Hand Knotted. 100% hand-spun rayon made from bamboo. Made in India.

Product SKU: XE15008 0203BE
Price:  $ 270.00

2'x3'Dune $270.00
2'x3'Silver, Ivory $270.00
4'x6' Dune $1080.00
4'x6'Silver, Ivory $1080.00
5'6"x8'6"Dune $1980.00
5'6"x8'6"Silver, Ivory $1980.00
7'9"x9'9"Silver, Ivory $3180.00
7'9"x9'9"Dune $3180.00
8'6"x11'6"Dune $4110.00
8'6"x11'6"Silver, Ivory $4110.00
9'6"x13'6"Dune $6050.00
9'6"x13'6"Silver, Ivory $6050.00
12'x15'Dune $8702.00
12'x17'6"Dune $10202.00
12'x15'Silver, Ivory $8702.00
12'x17'6"Silver, Ivory $10202.00
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