Scribbled Abstract Rug

Scribbled Abstract Rug

Invigorate your space with the innovative look of this rug. Featuring an abstract design charmingly off-kilter, your home will burst with the energy of artistic style. Available in black with creamy ivory accents or bright fuchsia with black accents. Machine-Woven. 100% Polypropylene. Imported.

Product SKU: XH15155 0406PK
Price:  $ 399.00

4'x5'9"Pink, Orange, Black $399.00
4'x5'9"Gray, Black, Beige $399.00
5'3"x7'6"Pink, Orange, Black $699.00
5'3"x7'6"Gray, Black, Beige $699.00
6'7"x9'1"Pink, Orange, Black $1199.00
6'7"x9'1"Gray, Black, Beige $1199.00
7'10"x10'10"Pink, Orange, Black $1499.00
7'10"x10'10"Gray, Black, Beige $1499.00
9'9"x12'2"Gray, Black, Beige $2199.00
9'9"x12'2"Pink, Orange, Black $2199.00
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