French Medallion Oushak Rug

French Medallion Oushak Rug

A Limited Edition exclusive design from Shades of Light, this scrolling French Medallion design works exceptionally well with so many decors. Now available in 2 colorways, this rug blends nicely with other patterns, adding a luxurious feel to traditional room settings as well as to clean modern designs. The hand finishing on this soft 100% wool Oushak-style rug delivers a rich silky-velvet look. Whether you choose the silvery Gray accented with Gold scroll in soft neutral hues, or Sage green (Ltd Qty) with a dark Cream scroll for a touch of color, this rug will surely deliver luxury and style to your room. Pattern repeat will vary with size of rug. Imported. (Specify size when ordering)

Product SKU: XE1143 0203SL
Price:  $ 159.00

2' x 3' Sage $179.00
2' x 3' Silver Gray and Gold $159.00
3'5' x 5' 5"Sage $599.00
6' x 9' Sage $1459.00
8' x 10' Sage $2159.00
9' x 12' Silver Gray and Gold $2899.00
9' x 12'Sage $2899.00
10' x 14' Silver Gray and Gold $3779.00
2'5" x 8' Runner Silver Gray and Gold $539.00
2'5" x 8' Runner Sage $539.00
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