Rug Stop Rug Pad

Rug Stop Rug Pad

Rug Stop Rug Pad: Superior quality polyester coated in vinyl give this pad superior grip strength for holding rugs in place on hard surfaces. Treated to prevent mildew, mold and bacteria from growing. Has the added benefit of being mothproof. Clean with mild detergent and warm water. Lay flat to dry. Custom cut pad to size of rug with household scissors. (Specify size when ordering)

Product SKU: XX1001 0203
Price:  $ 7.00

2'X8' Beige $12.00
2'X4' Beige $7.00
3'X5' Beige $12.00
4'X6' Beige $20.00
5'X8' Beige $32.00
6'X9' Beige $40.00
8'X10' Beige $56.00
8'X11' Beige $60.00
9'X12' Beige $72.00
10'X14' Beige $76.00
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