Plush Wool Pile Terrestrial Stripe Rugs

Plush Wool Pile Terrestrial Stripe Rugs

Not just your typical stripe rug! This cushy contemporary rug has artsy stripes and rich earthy colors: Red (Mulberry, Raspberry, Amber, Moss, and Gray) or Brown (Khaki, Cream, Avocado, and Brown). 100% hand-tufted wool construction. Imported. (State size and color when ordering)

Product SKU: XH13033 0508RD
Price:  $ 825.00

5'x8'Khaki, Cream, Avocado, Brown $825.00
5'x8'Mulberry, Raspberry, Amber, Moss, Gray $825.00
8'x10'Khaki, Cream, Avocado, Brown $1650.00
8'x10'Mulberry, Raspberry, Amber, Moss, Gray $1650.00
9'x12'Khaki, Cream, Avocado, Brown $2450.00
9'x12'Mulberry, Raspberry, Amber, Moss, Gray $2450.00
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