Modern Toile Pattern Wool Rug

Modern Toile Pattern Wool Rug

An over exaggerated classic toile pattern explodes as a modern up to date designer rug. The bold color combinations make a strong statement under furnishings. A nice transitional design to ease into a modern style. Select from Blue and Ivory, Dove Grey or Golden Yellow. 100% wool. Hand-tufted. Imported.

Product SKU: XH15117 0305YE
Price:  $ 329.00

3'x5'Dove Grey $329.00
3'x5'Golden Yellow $329.00
3'x5'Blue and Ivory $329.00
5'x7'6"Dove Grey $849.00
5'x7'6"Golden Yellow $849.00
5'x7'6"Blue and Ivory $849.00
7'9"x10'6"Dove Grey $1849.00
7'9"x10'6"Golden Yellow $1849.00
7'9"x10'6"Blue and Ivory $1849.00
2'6"x7'6" RunnerGolden Yellow $439.00
2'6"x7'6" RunnerBlue and Ivory $439.00
2'6"x7'6" RunnerDove Grey $439.00
7'9" RoundBlue and Ivory $1359.00
7'9" RoundGolden Yellow $1359.00
7'9" RoundDove Grey $1359.00
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