Modern Nature Inspired Hand-Knotted Rug

Modern Nature Inspired Hand-Knotted Rug

Inspired by the beauty of disordered nature and its cluttered patterns, this hand-knotted rug is an exquisite addition to home interiors. The traditional subject matter emerges as a modern updated design. Available in three bold color ways; Beige, Charcoal or Cinnamon. Hand-knotted. Wool and Viscose. Imported.

Product SKU: XH15239 0203RE
Price:  $ 505.00

2'x3'Charcoal $505.00
2'x3'Cinnamon $505.00
2'x3'Beige $505.00
5'6"x8'Cinnamon $3080.00
5'6"x8'Charcoal $3080.00
5'6"x8'Beige $3080.00
8'x10'Cinnamon $5600.00
8'x10'Charcoal $5600.00
8'x10'Beige $5600.00
9'x12'Beige $8315.00
9'x12'Charcoal $8315.00
9'x12'Cinnamon $8315.00
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