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tips-techNeed help figuring out what size your chandelier or outdoor light should be?

How many lamps do you need in your living room?

How much wattage do you need in your new bathroom?

What size rug do you need for your family room?

Why are hand-knotted rugs more expensive?

Is a wool rug better than a synthetic rug?

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4 Responses to “Tips & Techniques”

  1. toni says:

    I have two petite chandaliers that I want to hang from the ceiling, but because I rent this space I can not hang them from the ceiling without useing a hook, how do I disguise the long cord going down the wall to the plug in?

  2. ashton says:

    You can use a chain cover (come in linen, silk or burlap) to cover the chain in a decorative color or a color to match the wall. You can also use a piece of molding or paintable “cord cover” (call for more information 1-800-262-6612) to hide the wire down the wall. If you want to get creative, use faux ivy, ribbon, or anything from the craft store to wrap around the cord! Don’t forget to install a cord switch to turn the chandelier on and off!
    Have fun with your project!

  3. Robin says:

    My kitchen table measures L 96
    W 40, H 30.

    What size chandelier should I be looking at? Will this work: Golden Brass or Brushed Nickel rods with opal glass globes bring a midcentury modern cluster of lights to your space.
    6×60 watt G9 Xenon bulbs included.
    Minimum OAH 23″ and maximum OAH 59″.
    Supplied with 3-12″ and 1-6″ rods.
    5″ diameter canopy.

  4. Walter says:

    With a dining room table as long as yours, I would consider hanging two of the chandeliers you are interested in. Centered on each half of the table.
    The chandelier you are interested in does not have a bulky/heavy look to it. I think a pair would look great over a dining room table!
    Thank you for reaching out to us.
    The Shades of Light Team

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