Bathroom Lighting: Tips and Style Guide

Bath and Vanity

Bathroom design has taken on special emphasis these days; driven not only by the current housing market but also bathrooms have become “status symbols” within today’s well-appointed homes. So whether you are building a new home with several bathrooms or renovating your existing bathroom, take the time to “Distinguish your Lifestyle” with these tips:

1) Bathrooms require at least two watts of light per square foot. Much like good kitchen lighting, the key to putting together a good bath lighting design is to use multiple light sources in order to layer your light. You are going to need general ambient light as well as task lighting and maybe even a little decorative lighting. That’s too much to expect from one light source!

2) A center ceiling light may be okay for your ambient light source (general fill-in lighting) but it is going to cause problems if you relying on it for your task lighting. It will create shadows on your face for that reason you may want to keep it on its own light switch and dimmer.

3) If the bathroom is large enough, you may want to consider some decorative light fixtures just as eye candy to help fill the space and take away that cold feeling a big expanse of empty space can have.

4) For your task lighting i.e. standing at the mirror for make-up and grooming, try and get a color (temperature) as close to natural day light as possible. If you have the luxury of having natural day light in the room, it’s a blessing. Avoid fluorescents like the plague (unless you use one with a CR Index of 90 or above; much the same for LED’s. Truthfully with the exception of natural daylight, the best and most flattering light is the simple incandescent bulb in the warm white color range or a halogen.

5) For your task lighting, few light fixture work better than the standard vanity light a.k.a. bath strip or bath light bar. One highly effective option is to use wall sconces in addition or even instead of a bath strip as your light source. Click here for more on this topic.

Keeping the basic fundamentals of good bath lighting design in mind, we would like to present to you the Four Top Bathroom styles:





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