Braided Rugs

What we’re cooking up!

Kitchen Time! When we think kitchen rugs, we think heavy duty, comfortable and stylish all in one. Is that possible?? You bet!! We have some great options!!

Paula Deen loves being in the kitchen ya’ll, and with her Home and Porch Rug Collection you can enjoy the easy to care comfort of these fabulous high performance rugs.

Paula Deen Medallions Indoor/Outdoor Rug

xo9014bl_corner xo9014ta_corner
Paula Deen Indoor Outdoor Rug; 2 Colors Available

Our Clear Glass Smoke Bell Lantern is perfect for the kitchen, especially when hung together, in groups.

la07015Bronze and Clear Glass Smokebell Lantern

Our Corinthian Iron Lantern pairs beautifully with the Paula Deen Medallion Rug!

Corinthian Iron Lantern

Roosters have always been popular for kitchen decor. Below are our easy care mats with barnyard favorites that are fantastic at the sink, stove or entry door.

Henny Penny Rug, Le Coq Rug

Complete your look with our European Iron Chain Chandelier and our French Country Chandelier Shades

Our Indoor/Outdoor Braided Rug Collections are exceptional for kitchens.Made of polypropylene these performance rugs can easily be taken outside and hosed down.Exclusive designs in an array of stylish colors are sure to be a hit!

Indoor/Outdoor Solid Braids Rug; 8 Colors Available

For casual sophistication, our exclusive Bamboo Tower Chandelier complements our Braided Rugs.

ch08017wht-01 ch08017yw-041
Bamboo Tower Chandelier – 6 Light

Variegated Round Braid Rug: Available in 5 Colors

European Iron Chain Chandelier, French Country Chandelier Shade -3 colors

Check out our Happy Trellis Rug. This rug is great for kitchens!! Ask Katie Bower, as seen on Bower Power blog. Shades of Light Sponsored a Giveaway for a Happy Trellis Rug. Check it out!!

xw9000bl_corner1 xw9000gr_loc1
Happy Trellis Rug: Available in 3 Colors

Pair our Happy Trellis Rug with our Colored Glass Trumpet Pendants for a cheerful, colorful kitchen!

Colored Glass Trumpet Pendant

Made in America Rugs

As we celebrate the birthday of our glorious country we want to pay tribute to our products that are made right here in the US of A!

Braided area rugs have long been known for their American heritage. Braided rugs date back to England and this hand crafted art came to the United States with the Pilgrims. Originally done in a oval design of fabric scraps; today’s fresh approach to this craft features rounds, rectangles, squares, octagon’s and runners. Hip colors and fibers take traditional braids to a new level.

Variegated Round Braid Rug: Available in 5 Colors

We love the new designs & fun, festive colors. Celebrate our country with a splash of color!

Indoor/Outdoor Braids Rug: 4 Colors Available

Braiding our way to Rhode Island!

We have a great relationship with our braided rug supplier! It is always such fun to work with them & come up with designs that are ours exclusive that you won’t find anywhere else. They have lots of colors & different fibers to work with. Memorial Day finds us winding up the east coast to Rhode Island for a visit to come up with more designs. Our braids are fresh designs & hip colors; definitely “Not Your Grandmother’s Braided Rug.”

One of our favorite designs is our Variegated Circle Braided Rugs; available in five color combinations.

Variegated Round Braid Rug

Great colors combine in a symmetrical pattern to bring color and style to your floors. An added benefit is they are indoor/outdoor quality. Perfect for kitchens & high traffic areas as they take allot of abuse. Got kids? Get these rugs! Easy clean polypropylene can be thrown on the porch & hosed off; for heavy duty dirt you can scrub the dickens out of these durable rugs. Mildew resistant fiber makes these great for bathrooms & covered porches.

Check out our Double Border Rugs & Chic Stripe Rugs; available in five color combinations.

Chic Indoor Outdoor Stripe Rugs

Indoor/Outdoor Braids Rug

Fun & Function all in one. Double Border & Stripe designs are in coordinating colors to use in adjoining areas or hallways to complete your  style. Also done in polypropylene you will be amazed at their easy care & maintenance.

We just finished working with the designer for more new, exclusive looks that will be available soon!

Let us know if you want an update on our new designs in the comment section below. We are on a roll!