Volume 2 Issue 1

New Year = New Lighting, Rugs and Furniture to distinguish your lifestyle!

1. Multi Rusty Bucket Chandelier   

Six rusty metal buckets hang clustered together to create this repurposed chandelier. Each bucket is different, no two a-like. Adjust each bucket’s height to create your own unique look. A unique chandelier for restaurants and retail spaces. Hang in a loft space or open foyer. 6×60 watts. (81.5″OAHx16″W)¬† $375


2. Black Enamel with Gold Interior Pendant 

Sophisticated matte black with a golden bronze metallic cap and ceiling canopy is very distinguished on this timeless metal pendant. Accented with a contrasting hue of gold on the interior to reflect warm light. Includes 5′ of black chain for adjustable hanging height. 1x60watt (17″Hx13.5″W) ¬†$175


3. Modern Geometric 2 Arm Sconce

Sharp, stunning and well defined, this modern geometric wall sconce is sure to capture attention. The off-white linen clip on shades soften the look and round out the modern style. The gold leaf finish adds a quality of classic style. 2×40 watts. ¬†$295.00


4. Aluminum Fan Wall Clock 

Fashioned after the blades of a vintage fan motor, this wall clock has easy to read numerals on galvanized metal laced with jute roping for rustic appeal. (29″Hx29″Wx2″D) ¬†$125


5. Retro Modern Hexagonal Table

A small side table with big style, perfect for chair side or grouped together to form a cocktail table. Be creative with 4 different colors to mix and match in Art deco influenced faux shagreen finished table tops. The hexagonal shape and modern tapered wood legs in brown walnut finish make for very distinctive design. Available colors include; charcoal Gray, Ivory beige, papyrus Green and salt and peppered Black on white. (19″Hx18’W) ¬†$139 each


6. Shaggy Moroccan Neutral Tone Rug

Vintage Moroccan patterns in serene spa shades of blue, gray, beige and mocha bring snuggle in softness with urban panache to your room. From shore to lodge, the perfectly balanced neutrals in shaggy twisted wool make an inviting foundation for any room. Made in India.


 = Shades of Light Exclusive

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