New & Now: Volume 3 Issue 4


1.  Captivating Capiz Shell Pendant

The simple modern shape and authentic classic capiz shell overlay on glass give this oversized pendant light unique elegance. Also available with chrome hardware. 60 watts. (16″Hx10″W) ¬†$179


2.  Small and Large Galaxy Metal Ball Pendant

From a galaxy far far away comes a pendant that will transform your space and add a cool sleek modern element. The bottom opening allows for the majority of  light to show with the additional small  beams from the scattered holes. Gun Metal or Antique Brass finish.
Small: 40 watts. ¬†(8″Hx8″W) ¬†$240 ¬† ¬†¬†Large: 60 watts. ¬†(10″Hx10″W) ¬†$288


3.  Large Lotus Basket Pendant

With its delicate lace-like influence and antiqued gold leaf finish, this pendant seems to manifest the poetry and romance of days gone by. The light spills through the metal filigree creating a soft pattern. The nature-inspired metal leaves bloom on top of each pendant and are finished in a shiny gold leaf.
Large: 60 watts. (15″Hx21″W) ¬†$245 ¬† ¬† Medium:¬†60 watts. (12″Hx16″W) ¬†$230
Small:¬†60 watts. (6.5″Hx11.5″W) ¬†$215


4.  Modern Mesh Disco Pendant

Like a modern disco ball, this polished and lacquered brass fixture will send light every which way with its square cut-outs and multifaceted design. 60 watts. ¬†(11.75″Hx12″W) ¬†$148



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