What’s Trending 2016

Wall Decor

Still a strong trend, maybe stronger than ever. Use gallery walls to make a bold personal statement or stick to a cohesive theme, choose a streamlined color palette or mix & match until your heart’s content. It’s all about you!

Mixed Metals

We have seen mixed metal jewelry parading down the fashion runways; now it’s time to bring this hot trend home. –And is there a look that is more down to earth and easier to live with? The freedom you obtain by mixing metals allows you to focus on the design and uniqueness of the individual pieces you are adding to your space.

Geological Minerals

Let Mother Nature add some natural luxury to your home with Quartz, Rock crystals, Alabaster, Agate and semi-precious gemstones.

Geometric LightingThere is an explosion of dynamic geometric products available to us in interior design right now. Innovative designers are taking familiar geometric patterns adding clever twists and incorporating these geometric designs in fresh and exciting new ways. This trend is all about the dramatic shapes and bold patterns in both lighting and rugs!

Organic ShapesJoin us in celebrating nature’s inherently good design sense. Natural shapes which on the surface may appear free form and random add practicality and beauty to interiors. Hand blown glass, natural materials, asymmetric designs and designs that imitate nature will soften some of the hard edges of our modern lifestyles.

Tribal PatternsTravel to exotic destinations without leaving home with a globally inspired rug design. These rug patterns bring a worldly flavor to any room. Geometric patterns like Moroccan Arabesque, Suzani circles suggest a formality in their precise structure, while Southwestern block patterns, Ikats, Paisleys and broken trellis designs suggest a more casual style with origins in nomadic tribes of native peoples.

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