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We have a world-class art museum right here in Richmond, Va. and I was so excited when the Tiffany Color & Light exhibition came this summer. During my musical stroll through the galleries, I was awed by the dimensional aspects of Tiffany Glassworks: the depth of colors; the breadth of glass types; the layering techniques used; and the 3-D effects of the stained glass windows. Louis Tiffany’s trademark magnolia stained-glass window exhibits all of these!

Rainbow-like iridescence, golden luster (known as Favrile), and lava-like cypronite glass are just some of his specialties. Inspired by nature, Louis Tiffany developed ways to make glass look like feathers, draperies, confetti, water, jewels (cabochon), granite, lava, ice, and more. One of his famed “Tiffany girls”, Claire Driscoll, designed many of the well-known classic lamps such as the Wisteria and the Dragonfly stained glass lamps. The mark that Tiffany and his glass-making studios made on the stained glass industry remains a strong influence today, over 100 years later!

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tl09127mu-01Dragonfly Tiffany Table Lamp

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