Shades of Light Bulb Selector

Be prepared for those light bulb jokes to return. You know the ones: “How many (pick your favorite target) does it take to change a light bulb?” These chuckles will be returning because once again changing a light bulb will be “comically simple.”  Have you ever been faced with finding a replacement for this

40 Watt G-10Q Base Double Circline Fluorescent Bulb

or this?

27 watt Verilux Full Natural Spectrum Replacement Bulb

27 watt Verilux Full Natural Spectrum Replacement Bulb


Knocked the smile off your face didn’t it? Well, thanks to our new Bulb Selector, a free application found at selecting the right light bulb for your light fixtures is once again simple!

Never again will you need to wrap up your defective light bulb, tote it into the nearest hardware store and hope you can find someone to sheepishly ask: “Do you have one of these?” Use our free application and you will be empowered with all the information you need including manufacturer and part number. With nearly 3,000 light bulbs in its data base, the Shades of Light Bulb Selector not only makes it incredibly easy to identify the correct replacement bulb, it can also help you identify newer more energy-efficient options.

Homeowners and lighting professionals alike will find this program easy to use thanks to the intuitive design of this copyrighted program. Shades of Light has designed the program to work nicely on desktop computers, iPads and other mobile devices. Find the free application at  save it to your favorites, and never again let replacing defective bulbs darken your day.



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