Seaside Sanctuary

Escaping to a fabulous seaside sanctuary doesn’t necessarily have to mean packing bags, loading up the car, loading up the family and all the stress and shuffling it takes to make it to a distant destination. You can create an oasis in your own home that will take you away to a favorite coastal getaway instantly. All you need is the right color palette, some comforting textures and a few objects that evoke fond memories from your favorite trips and you can recreate that calm relaxing sanctuary in your own home.

I wanted to create a relaxing “Seaside Sanctuary” for our summer catalog cover because I know so many of us need that special place to relax and unwind. -That is what the beach is all about to me and before I was done I could almost hear the ocean on the photo set. Let me tell you how I did it.

Seaside Sanctuary 2012

I started with a clean neutral palette as my base. I wanted an airy feel to the room so I chose a classic white bead board wall treatment and grounded the space with a classic “beachy” texture, a sisal rug.   Our exclusive Coral Chenille Border Sisal has the large neutral field I wanted and its border added just enough of a jumping off point for my color palette without overwhelming the space with pattern.

Exclusive Coral Chenille Border Sisal Rug

Spa Blue & taupe

Seaglass with Seaweed Green

Gold with Coral Red

Gold with Golden Beige

Then I started adding my color. I wanted warm like the sand and cool like an ocean breeze so I chose a warm coral matched with a cool aqua as my color palette. One of my favorite pieces, our Pop Color Modern Ceramic Table Lamp, perfectly expressed the color scheme with the glossy “candy shell” coral color of its base and shade combined with a crisp aqua lining in the shade for a bit of surprise.

Pop Color Modern Ceramic Table Lamp

Continuing the mix of warm coral and cool aqua, I added a fun pop of color with our Café Colors Dining Chair and balanced that with our Batik Floral Print Drum Shade on the floor lamp. A few decorative pillows and some fun sea life pictures and the color palette effortlessly flowed around the room.

Cafe Colors Dining Chair

Colorful Embroidered Floral Pillow

Chenille Swirl Down Filled Pillow

Batik Floral Print Drum Shade

Set of 2 Curiosity Frame Sealife Prints

To add more interest and seaside feel without losing that relaxing sanctuary feel, I mixed in pieces that added textures that remind me of the beach instead of continuing to add more color and pattern that could have made the room feel busy. The Natural Pine Desk has a beautiful natural wood texture with a gray wash that reminds me of old boards from a pier that have been bleached by the sun for years. It keeps the room light and fresh while adding function.

Natural Pine Wood Desk with Extensions

And for even more function and texture, our exclusive Slipcovered Linen Bench serves as extra seating or a place to kick up your feet. The fabric is heavily textured linen that almost looks like burlap without being rough to the touch. I trimmed it in a fun mini-pleat plaid fabric that included our aqua and coral color scheme for an unexpected detail that makes the piece look custom, just one of those designer details that really finish a room.

Slipcovered Linen Bench Ottoman

Finally for a bit of whimsy I used what would traditionally be thought of as an “outdoor light” inside as picture lights. The galvanized metal and nautical feel reminded me of lights on the boardwalk.

Farmhouse Outdoor Light

The key to creating a sanctuary in your home is to start with a base of classic neutral and build a color scheme that is calming but still fun. Add some texture to keep it interesting and then accessorize with familiar objects that bring fond memories.

I hope our Seaside Sanctuary cover look inspires you to create an escape in your home. Whether it be the often neglected home office, your bedroom, living room, or even an outdoor space, find a place that you can call yours because we all need a bit of relaxation from time to time.



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