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Ever wonder how designers make a room flow while mixing and matching patterns and colors? I have been asked so many times how I can be so brave with colors and not be so “matchy” with patterns. Our spring cover exhibits this idea exactly. I mixed pops of color and multiple patterns while still maintaining a fluid design with cohesiveness. How did I do it? Well it really isn’t hard with just a few tips from the trade to follow.

Pop Mod Color 2011

Pop Mod Color 2011


First, you have to realize that mixing and matching is a good thing. “Designer” rooms feel like they have evolved piece by piece and are not just a matching set of something from a local “big box store”. Maintain this mind set as you add each piece to your space.


Second, let’s talk about pattern. Mixing patterns is easy. I have one simple tip to follow. Mix patterns of different scales. For example our fabulous Amy Butler Vibrant Damask Rug designed by famous designer Amy Butler has an extra large pattern with several colors. I pulled the green and chocolate from the rug and choose another pattern for our super cute Button Back Egg Wing Chair. The paisley print on the chair is a smaller scale than the rug with complimenting colors to make the patterns cohesive. The two patterns together are much more interesting than a solid and a pattern would be, making the scene fun and exciting.


Third, mixing colors is always fun. My tip, you can create any color combo as long as there is at least one element in the space that features all the colors together. You can mix red and yellow, purple and blue, green and pink, etc… as long as you have a piece of art, a pattern, an accessory that has all the colors you wish to feature. Again I was inspired by our Amy Butler Vibrant Damask Rug. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this exciting pattern with popping colors? The cool tones of the apple green, turquoise blue, and sunny yellow in the rug float beautifully on a sea of soft white. The white background makes the colors “pop”, which brings me to my second tip about mixing color. Choose a neutral to consistently break up your color combo, giving your eye something to rest on along the way. I choose white accents like our Flowering Stalk Floor Lamp in gloss white, our Oval Ring Drum Shade in white, and our glossy white Laquer White Greek Key 2 Drawer Dresser. These bright white accents give your eye a rest as it flows from the bright rug to the patterned chair, and then finally to the bright turquoise wall with our exclusive Beautiful Mansard Mirror designed to complement our entire spring collection featured on pg. 2 and 3 of our Pop Mod Color catalog.

Follow these very simple tips and you too can create a “Designer” space all your own. Mix any color, mix different patterns and have fun with your space. My hope is that our Pop Mod Color catalog inspires you to be fearless in your designs and embrace color for spring 2011!

Pop Mod Color

Pop Mod Color

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11 Responses to “Pop Mod Color”

  1. Beth Anne says:

    I love this room! One quick question: what paint color and brand did you use?

  2. Walter says:

    Beth Anne, It was a Sherwin Williams paint color: #6951. Good Luck with the projects you are planning!

  3. Katie says:

    I love the trio of mirrors, where are they from?

  4. Danielle says:

    You can find them here: http://www.shadesoflight.com/beautiful-mansard-mirror-4-colors.html. This mirror comes in 4 great colors and better yet, it’s made in the USA!

  5. Angela says:

    You do amazing work!! I love your style of decorating. Bea-u-ti-ful!!

  6. Walter says:

    Well thank you Angela. That was nice of you to say… we get so much traffic on our blogs but very few people reach out and comment and it is so very nice to get feedback. We will continue to work hard and hope to continue “amazing” you. Thanks, again.

  7. Christi says:

    love it, love it, love it!! Do you want to come do my whole house?!

  8. Nann says:

    Area is great!!! Love the chair fabric…what is it and where can I purchase it?

  9. Danielle says:

    Hi Nann,
    The paisley fabric shown was dropped by the vendor, but the chair is still available in 3 solid linen fabrics: http://www.shadesoflight.com/button-back-egg-wing-chair.html Sorry for the delayed response, but we wanted to confirm that this print was in fact unavailable.

  10. Rhydonia says:

    I just love this room!! Great job!!
    Those colors are what I am using in my home. I am going to use this room as inspiration for one of my bedrooms. Hope you don’t mind!!

  11. Walter says:

    Quite the opposite, we glad we gave you that spark of inspiration that you needed.
    Good luck with you project. We would love to see the finished bedroom when it’s done.

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