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Author: Katrina

I hope all of you had a fabulous holiday season! I did; busy but fabulous all the same! One of the wonderful things that happened to me this holiday season was that I received my copy of the newest Shades of Light catalog. I am so proud of this catalog! It was so incredible to physically hold in my hand the culmination of months and months of hard work. I sure hope each and every one of you gets to experience this type of joy after completing your next project.

Perhaps, my favorite part of this job is to create the covers that wrap our Shades of Light catalogs. I always try to make a style statement on the cover. Something beautiful that makes you want to dive right in and places our customers right on the cusp of today’s designer looks. So I wanted to share with you the designer secrets behind our “Parisian Chic” catalog cover.

Parisian Chic 2011

Parisian Chic 2011

Recently the design world has seen a return to classic design. However, there is a new hip modern way to go classic! We admire quality craftsmanship and love the feel of those classic elements that are built to last. We desire quality finishes and textures that truly speak of a time when things were done right. We want to own beautiful prized heirlooms that were made to be passed down from one generation to the next. This look is not fussy; it’s about combining chic clean lines with heirloom elements to create an updated classic space with a restful, airy feel.

Complimenting this return to quality classics, we have seen a shift in today’s color palette. It is dominated by a restful neutral palette of grays, taupes, and soft whites. These have become the hottest colors on the market. Why? Well, simply because these neutrals are restful, elegant, and will go with anything. It is so easy to feel at home in these colors. Instead of the striking collision of bright, bold colors, we see a softly flowing dance of closely related colors that bring the heart rate down and create a peaceful, elegant, spa-like feeling. Ironically, wrapped in this feeling of luxury there is a practical side: no need to repaint or redecorate your home if you decide to make a few changes in the future. You can make subtle or even significant changes to your space without breaking the bank every 5-10 years on a total redo. Sounds smart huh?!?

Why did we call this look “Parisian Chic”? Well, because Paris is the place where chic and classic have lived happily together for years. The city embodies this “heirloom elegance” while still maintaining its status as the world’s center for chic fashion. Simply put, our cover is all about combining chic and classic.

Elegance Crystal Swag Chandelier

I started with the Elegance Crystal Swag Chandelier to be the center piece of our cover setting because the crystal creates an added dimension of texture. Its light delicately bouncing around the room adds depth and scope to the space without weight. I selected this particular chandelier because of its clean lines and its airy feel. It simply embodies classic elegance. Below the chandelier is a fabulous Reclaimed Elm Wood Trestle Dining Table. I chose this rustic table because the rough texture plays in perfect contrast to the crystals’ smooth texture. The rustic table creates a pleasant architectural surprise but the neutral color palette it shares with everything else in the setting prevents it from being an overwhelming shock. In fact, I’d say these elements complement each other “unexpectedly.” Paradoxically, the heft of this table grounds the space and yet it adds an air of whimsicality. It gives the setting a “time-loved” appeal.

High Back Settee, Damask Dreams Hand Tufted Rug

Continuing to design outside of the box, I added this High Back Settee for dining seating. The high back, button detail, and clean pattern of this settee add an element of high fashion. I must say I am truly in love with this settee. Not only is it beautiful, but it is quality constructed and comfy. Remember unmistakable quality is one of the essential ingredients in this new modern Parisian chic look! On the other side of the table I decided to contrast the high back of the settee with low seating. I chose garden stools. Not just any garden stools though, I chose an elegant Large Zen Garden Stool in a soft creamy white. The dance of colors between the chandelier, table, settee and stools is simply chic.

Further grounding the room setting in the middle of my space, I picked yet another hip take on a timeless classic: a gray and cream Damask Dreams Hand Tufted Rug. The hand-tufted quality adds that modern element to a classic damask pattern. The soft neutral palette lightens the dark floors and opens up the space. Again the colors of the rug are closely related to all the other elements in the room making the space feel restful while adding quality texture.

mw10079cmAntique Lighting, Crest Relief Trumeau Mirror

Finally, because we are known for our beautiful Antique Lighting, I just had to use two of our antique sconces to add the “heirloom” element to the space. Placing these on a dark gray wall, along with a beautiful white washed Crest Relief Trumeau Mirror creates yet another element of contrast. The antiques create a level of aged sophistication that the space otherwise might have lacked. There is nothing that speaks more of quality and classic fashion than a beautiful antique element in the proper place.

When all was selected and set into place for our big cover shoot, everyone in the house agreed that the look was totally chic; yet, classic , airy and restful. All the elements delicately balanced with each other. The space became our Parisian chic respite.

catalog_a_storyKatrina, Ashton & Towanda setup our Parisian Chic cover shot.

I hope you enjoy flipping through the Shades of Light catalog half as much as I enjoyed working on it.

I know you’ll find something within its covers that inspires you to update your space. Furthermore, I hope I have given you some insight into one of the very strong emerging fashion trends today: Parisian chic. As always, send me your thoughts and if you would be so kind send me pictures of your space. I love to see our customers take on our designs!

Parisian Chic

Parisian Chic

Thanks again for reading, and happy decorating!


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5 Responses to “Parisian Chic”

  1. LaFonda says:

    Excellent design choices!!!

  2. Heather Scott says:

    Love love love everything! Could you be so kind to share the wall paint color or brand?

    Thank you!

  3. Walter says:

    Hello Heather, Very often we do our own custom colors. This blog entry goes back to December of 2010 and to find just the right shade of gray that is exactly what we had to do…. make it ourselves. Sorry, the “recipe” is not a secret or anything -just lost over the years.
    I do want to say thank you for the “love.” Certainly appreciate your time and interest and I hope next time I can be a bit more useful.

  4. Michelle says:

    Hi I would love to find out where you purchased the sconces as well as the lamp on the table for foyer I have been looking all over for that lamp thanks

  5. Danielle says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but both of the products, to our knowledge, are no longer available. The wall sconces were refurbished one of a kind antiques that have since been sold. The table lamp was an exclusive Shades of Light product in 2010 that has since been discontinued. We have a collection of antique lighting available on our website that is updated from time to time: Hope you find what you are looking for soon!

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